Shimane Prefecture (島根県 Shimane-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chūgoku region on the main Honshu island. The capital is Matsue. It is the second least populous prefecture in Japan, after its eastern neighbor Tottori. The prefecture has an area elongated from east to west facing the Chūgoku Mountain Range on the south side and to the Sea of Japan on the north side. It is divided into the Izumo Region in the East, the Iwami Region in the West and the Oki Region, a small group of islands off the northern coast. Most of the cities are near the shoreline of the Sea of Japan. Izumo Taisha in Izumo City is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan.

The Oki Islands in the Sea of Japan are also part of Shimane Prefecture, which also claims to have jurisdiction over the South Korea-controlled island of Liancourt Rocks (Korean: Dokdo(獨島), Japanese: Takeshima(竹島)).



  • Shimane Vogel Park
  • Matsue Castle
  • Adachi Museum of Art
  • Aquas Aquarium
  • Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine
  • Izumo-taisha
  • Izumo Province
  • Shimane Art Museum
  • Iwami Art Museum
  • Mt. Sanbe
  • Tamatsukuri Onsen


Site of Shimane :