Hokkaido’s largest city is the capital, Sapporo, which is a designated city. The island has two core cities: Hakodate in the south and Asahikawa in the central region. Other important population centers include Rumoi, Iwamizawa, Kushiro, Obihiro, Kitami, Abashiri, Wakkanai, and Nemuro.

Japan’s coldest region, Hokkaido has relatively cool summers and icy/snowy winters. Most of the island falls in the humid continental climatezone with Köppen climate classification Dfb (hemiboreal) in most areas but Dfa (hot summer humid continental) in some inland lowlands.

The average August temperature ranges from 17 to 22 °C (62.6 to 71.6 °F), while the average January temperature ranges from −12 to −4 °C (10.4 to 24.8 °F), in both cases depending on elevation and distance from the ocean, though temperatures on the western side of the island tend to be a little warmer than on the eastern.

Hokkaido is divided in 7 areas :

  1. Sapporo

  2. Central Area ( Douou )

  3. Southern Area ( Donan )

  4. Northern Area ( Dohoku )

  5. Okhotsk Area

  6. Tokachi Area

  7. Kushiro / Nemuro Area


Central Area (Douou) have 5 Subprefectures :

  • Shiribeshi

  • Ishikari

  • Sorachi

  • Iburi

  • Hidaka


Southern Area (Donan) have 2 Subprefectures :

  • Oshima

  • Hiyama


Northern Area (Dohoku) have 3 Subprefectures :

  • Kamikawa

  • Rumoi

  • Souya


Okhotsk Area have  1 Subprefecture :

  • Okhotsk

Tokachi Area have 1 Subprefecture :

  • Tokachi

Kushiro / Nemuro Area have 2 Subprefectures :

  • Kushiro

  • Nemuro


Most famous places to visit :

  • Shiretoko : Shiretoko, in northeastern Hokkaido, was newly inscribed to the World Natural Heritage List at the World Heritage Committe’s 29th session ( Unesco site here) Official site about Shirotoko here.


  • Hakodate : The city is overlooked by Mount Hakodate, forested mountain whose summit can be reached by hiking trail, cable car, or by car. The night view from the summit is renowned in Japan as one of the best in the country.


  • Furano City (specialy in June) : located in the southern reaches of Kamikawa Subprefecture, under whose jurisdiction it resides. Well known throughout Japan as a tourism destination, it is famous for its lavender fields, the television drama Kita no Kuni kara and the Furano Ski Resort, which held the Snowboarding World Cup in recent years. ( Furano City Official Website here)


  • Otaru Area : is situated in the western part of Hokkaido, facing Ishikari Bay. It has developed and prospered as “the sea entrance of Hokkaido” over the last 100 years and it has gained the nickname “Wall Street of the North.” The glassworks shops, coffee shops, restaurants and shopping malls along the canal have been converted from stone-built or brick-built. (Otaru Tourism Association Website here)


  • Cape Kamui : is located in Shakotan, Hokkaidō, Japan. An earthquake off the cape on 2 August 1940 resulted in a tsunami that killed ten people.


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Oficial Site of Hokkaido :





Source : Wikipedia and Hokkaido Government Site